October 4, 2023
New expertise developed for single-cell evaluation
New expertise developed for single-cell evaluation
The only-cell electrorotation microfluidic system makes use of an electrical subject to probe the cell’s properties. Credit score: Texas A&M Engineering

The power to investigate the properties of particular person cells is significant to broad areas of life science purposes, from diagnosing illnesses and growing higher therapeutics to characterizing pathogenic micro organism and growing cells for bioproduction purposes. Nevertheless, the correct evaluation of particular person cells is a problem, particularly in terms of a cell’s biophysical properties, on account of giant property variations amongst cells even in the identical cell inhabitants in addition to the presence of uncommon cell sorts inside a bigger inhabitants.

Addressing this want, Dr. Arum Han, Texas Devices Professor II within the Division of Electrical and Laptop Engineering at Texas A&M College, collectively along with his graduate college students and postdoctoral researchers, have developed a brand new expertise that may precisely analyze cell properties by means of using a single-cell electrorotation microfluidic system, which makes use of an electrical subject to probe the cell’s properties.

The expertise works by utilizing an electrical subject to first seize a single cell in a microfluidic system, adopted by making use of a rotating electrical subject to rotate the trapped single cell after which measuring the pace of rotation. By understanding the enter electrical subject parameters and analyzing the rotation pace, precisely analyzing the dielectric properties of a single cell turns into attainable.

“By understanding how a lot pressure was utilized and how briskly the cell turns, you possibly can extract many primary biophysical properties of cells,” Han stated.

There have been earlier efforts to perform this, however this expertise is essentially the most correct in measuring these properties due to its functionality to use a high-frequency electrical subject (as much as 100 megahertz) and its use of an eight-electrode-pair design to concurrently lure a single cell and apply rotational pressure to the trapped cell.

The analysis staff’s findings are featured in Biomedical Microdevices.

This expertise has been absolutely developed and utilized to a number of completely different cell evaluation purposes. Having efficiently demonstrated that evaluation might be precisely accomplished on one cell at a time, Yuwen Li, graduate scholar in Han’s lab and the lead writer of the work, is now main the hassle to additional develop the expertise in order that this may be executed at a a lot greater pace and towards many cells concurrently.

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Extra data:
Yuwen Li et al, Measurement of dielectric properties of cells at single-cell decision utilizing electrorotation, Biomedical Microdevices (2022). DOI: 10.1007/s10544-022-00621-3

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